D&T Oscillating Blade Contour Cutter

The D&T Oscillating Blade Contour Cutter is a kind of complex shape cutter which suitable flexible foam. It adopts two gear boxes to drive the blade with high speed vibrating to cut foam. Results it will work faster and the product will be smoother. Specially, no dust when you use Oscillating Blade Contour Cutter to cut Flexible PU.

All the machines are driven by the remarkable D&T Profiler software, which speeds up the design process and enables the operator to obtain the best yield from the foam block.

Scope of application: sponge, elastic polyurethane
Cutting wire: high speed serrated blade
D&T Vibrating Knife Machine is a high Efficient contour cutting machine. Since the cutting blade of the device is High-speed reciprocating motion, so higher cutting speed and a smoother cut surface. With a serrated edged knife belt, High vibration frequency, fast cutting speed, no dust.

Controlled by the unique D&T control software, you can easily Complete the drawing of the graph. Automatically complete graphics by computer to control the code conversion, thus greatly reducing your labor amount of work. The computer can simulate the machining path to ensure that every The accuracy of the sub-cut. can be optimized on the computer, make full use of the foam material that needs to be cut, Save costs for you.

Post time: May-18-2022