Our Service

The company hereby solemnly promises that: for the sale of equipment, the company will guide users to install, debug and maintain the equipment, train operators for free, and provide relevant information such as technical requirements for equipment installation and use, process layout drawings, life-long maintenance and spare parts supply. The specific measures are as follows:

1. Equipment installation and debugging
Assist and guide users to coordinate equipment layout according to the actual situation, reasonably arrange the overall installation location planning, assign technicians to guide the installation of equipment and auxiliary facilities, and provide users with related issues in all aspects.

2. Operation and maintenance personnel training
The company can provide operation and maintenance personnel training according to user requirements.

3. One-Site training for equipment manufacturing
Users can send operation and maintenance personnel to the company to study and receive training. The company's engineering and technical personnel will learn from the theory of equipment structure, working principle, technical requirements for installation and commissioning, operation, maintenance, and maintenance procedures. Assemble and debug the equipment through the production site, and master the maintenance operation procedures. Make it have a preliminary understanding and understanding of the structure and performance of the equipment.

4. Installation and debugging
The user can send someone to participate in the installation and debugging of the equipment for the user. To meet production requirements, installation training, training, operation and maintenance personnel master the essentials.

5. Our company's products implement "Three Guarantees" service, and the whole machine is "Three Guarantees" for one year.
During the "Three Guarantees" period, equipment accessories are provided for users free of charge, and free maintenance services are provided according to the "Three Guarantees". During the "Three Guarantees" period, we will provide long-term maintenance and spare parts supply at cost prices, and deliver them to users as soon as possible according to customer requirements. Once the failure of the user's equipment cannot be ruled out, the company will dispatch personnel to the user's site as soon as possible to remove the failure for the user.

6. Our company will keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate, continuously develop new technologies and new products, and actively improve the structure, performance and quality of existing products to meet the needs of users.

The company will be responsible for this attitude. Provide users with high-quality after-sales service, and provide a strong guarantee for the normal production of users.