DTC E3013T Single Hot Wire EPS Cutter

Short Description:

D&T series hot wire special-shaped cutting machine is a special cutting machine for EPS products with complex shapes. The cutting machine has one or more cutting lines to meet different production requirements.

All machines are powered by the excellent D&T Profiler software. This speeds up the design process and enables the operator to get the best yield from the foam block.

The Hot Wire Contour Cutter has a complete safety system to prevent accidents, it includes: when the safety door is opened, all motors will stop, and emergency buttons on the machine and control box can prevent accidents.

Product Detail

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Suit for: Polystyrene

Cutting Line: Hot Wire

The machine consists of a structural steel welded frame with structural steel harp carriage and wire harp. Motion and hot wire control systems are both solid states. The motion control system includes a high-quality D&T Two Axis Motion Controller, Stepping drives, and control system. It also includes DXF software for simple and easy file conversion. The hot wire control system is AC powered and will Single wire.





X Axis Stroke


Y Axis Stroke


Max. Foam Width


Cutting Wire Dia.


Control System

D&T Profiler

Cutting Speed


Total Power


Gross Weight


Overall Dimension

3650m*1600mm*1850 mm

Packing size




EPS products

Software problems

1. Q: What CAD software does the machine use?
A: For CAD software, our machines use 2004 or 2006 (you prefer).

2. Q: What is the name of the CAD software?
A: The name is Auto CAD Software.

3. Q: Where are your machines mainly sold? Which countries?
A: Our main markets are Russia, Middle East, Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, for different types.

4. Q: The operating system you use is windows, right? What kind of windows? experience? Or Windows 7?
A: Yes, it is Windows XP.
When operating, the unit does not need to be connected to the Internet
We usually use XP because of its stability. Windows 7 also works.

5. Q: Is your software licensed or illegal? (“crack”)
A: Our own Profiler cutting software is developed by ourselves. is original.
Q: But what about auto-cad and windows? auto-cad and windows are also original
I ask this question because our company only uses licensed software.
A: Windows is licensed; AutoCAD is beta.
Our machines do not include licensed AutoCAD.
If you have any drawing software, you can make DXF files.

6. Q: What is the difference between our express line CNC cutting machine and swinging machine Blade CNC blade cutting machine.
A: First of all, fast wire cutting machine uses high speed abrasive wire and oscillating blade cutting machine Use high-speed toothed blades.
Second, fast wire CNC cutters are more suitable for rigid or semi-rigid foams. For flexible foam materials, A better tool is an oscillating blade CNC tool.
Third, fast-line CNC tools can also cut soft materials. But dust on soft materials Requires additional dust granulation system, soft materials are not suitable for fast production lines the tool itself.

7. Q: About reputation and website:
A: For the sake of reputation, we are the gold supplier of Alibaba for 8 years. Our engineers study our machines more and make them better and better. us Guaranteed our machines are as good as we say they are. Even though we keep the 10% guarantee until After the machine is installed, the customer is very satisfied with our machine.

Cutting Finish Product


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