Guangzhou Utech Asia/Pu China Exhibition

Guangzhou UTECH ASIA/PU CHINA 2019
September 5 - September 7

China international exhibition on polyurethane since founded in 1995, has been successfully held in Beijing Shanghai guangzhou shenzhen nanjing 16th, become the asia-pacific region and the world's leading polyurethane exhibition exhibition grow also witnessed the rapid development of China's polyurethane industry, lots of international and domestic famous polyurethane industry suppliers do choose this fair as a platform to display their latest products and industry.

In this industry, as far as we know, there are not many companies and very few machines, and I took the new machine to all my customer base and made it one of the best in the industry. Because the machine occupies most of the space of our company and has an unusual momentum, it attracts a lot of people to visit and also causes a lot of trouble. During this period, our employees are also very enthusiastic, careful and patient to explain to customers, so that customers can better understand and understand our machines. Speaking of which, the person in charge of our business in the United States, he did not meet, he joined this group, and like other employees, he went deep into the customer, explained and answered the customer. I don't know that he is the boss of the company, so in our D&T trading family, what we do is to cooperate sincerely and unite to create a better tomorrow.

Here, I hope that our Datian Industry and Trade can bring you different machines and services, and also hope to let you know about Fuyang Datian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Hangzhou Fuyang cutting machine industry in China.


Post time: May-18-2022