DTC SL2012 Vertical Oscillating Cutter

Short Description:

1. The D&T Oscillating Blade Contour Cutter is a kind of complex shape cutter which is suitable flexible foam.

2. The blade cut with high speed vibrating, so that it will work faster and the product will be smoother.

3. Specially no dust when you use Oscillating Blade Contour Cutter to cut Flexible PU.

4. All the machines are driven by the remarkable D&T Profiler software, which speeds up the design process and enables the operator to obtain the best yield from the foam block.

5. Advantage: PC/ Industry computer control, easy operation.Worktable: plat working table, moving table (could select).

Product Detail

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Model DTC-SL1212
Max. Product size (customizable) 2500*1200*1000mm
Blade Size 3*0.6mm
Control System Industrial Computer+Win7 with D&T Profiler
Cutting Speed 0-10m/min(adjustable)
Power 4kW,380V,50Hz
Blade Tension Cylinder Tensioning 6 bar
Overall Weight 1500kg
Overall Diameter 6200*2400*2380mm


Polyurethane, PU soft foam, sticky foam, latex, basotect, composite foam, frame foam, polyethylene.

Software question

1. Q: What kind of CAD software the machine uses?
A: For the CAD software ,our machine uses 2004 or 2006(you prefer ).

2. Q: About the CAD software, what’s its name?
A: The name is Auto CAD Software.

3. Q: Where do you sell your machines mostly? which countries?
A: Our main market is Russian, Middle East, Canada,USA,Austral,Mexico,Brazil for different kind types

4. Q: the operating system which you use is windows, right? What kind of windows? XP? or Windows 7?
A: Yes, it is Windows XP.
When operated, Our machine doesn’t need to use network.
We usually use XP for its stability.Also windows 7 is OK.

5. Q: The differences between our Fast Wire CNC Cutting machine and Oscillating Blade CNC Blade cutting Machine.
A: First, Fast wire cutters use high -speed abrasive wire and Oscillating Blade cutters use high-speed toothed blade.
Secondly, Fast wire CNC cutter is better for the rigid or half rigid foams.and for soft foam material, the better cutter is Oscillating Blade CNC cutter.
Thirdly, fast wire CNC cutters also can cut soft material.but the dust from the soft material needs an extra dust pelletizing system and the soft material also is not good for the fast wire cutter itself.

6. Q: For reputation and website:
A: for the reputation ,we are 8 years golden supplier on Alibaba.
And our engineers have researched our machine more and improved it better and better. We promise our machine will be as good as we told. Even we keep 10% for the guarantee until to install the machine well and the client satisfy with our machine.

Cutting Finish Product


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