DTC-R2012H 5kw Horizontal Type Sponge Cutting machine

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: D&T
Certification: CE
Model Number: DTC-R2012V5
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD30000 – 80000 / set
Packaging Details: Film + wooden box
Delivery Time: 40 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,paypal
Supply Ability: 20 sets / month
Max.Product Size: L3000*W2200*H1200mm Control System: Industrial Computer+Window XP
Cutting Speed: 0-40m/min Software: D&T Revolving Profiler
Tolerance: ±5mm Total Power: 5kw,380V,50Hz
Overall Weight: 2700kg Overall Dimension: L6200*W5630*3200mm
High Light: foam cutting equipment,polyurethane cutting machine

D&T Loop knife Cutting Machine Sponge Machine pu foam cutter Horizontal Revolving Contour Cutter

Revolving Contour Cutter

Model DTC-R2012V DTC-R2012V5 DTC-R2012H
Max. Product Size L2800*W2200*1000mm L3000*W2200*H1200mm L2800*W2200*H1000mm
Control System Industrial Computer+Window XP Industrial Computer+Window XP Industrial Computer+Window XP
Software D&T revolving Profiler D&T revolving Profiler D&T revolving Profiler
Cutting Speed 0~40m/min(Adjustable) 0~40m/min(Adjustable) 0~40m/min(Adjustable)
Tolerance ±5mm ±5mm ±5mm
Total Power 5kw,380V,50Hz 5kw,380V,50Hz 5kw,380V,50Hz
Overall Weight 2500kg 2700kg 2500kg
Overall Dimension L6000*W5630*3000mm L6200*W5630*3200mm L6000*W5630*3000mm

Cutting Method: Loop Knife Revolving CNC Cutting Machine
Can Cut material: sponge, sponge laminated materials
Advantage: Max. Cutting Speed: 80m/min


The machine consists of
1). cutting frame. It is a steel welded frame with a movable frame for raising and lowering the knife system. The moving part has four flying wheels. One is motorized and the other three are passive. Four wheels run his knives looping in a circle.

The moving frame also has two blade rotation units. Rotate the knife so that the point of the knife shaper touches the drawing.

2). Workbench.

3). control cabinet. This included motion and her four-axis control system. Motion Her Controls Her systems include high quality Her D&T 4-axis motion controllers, stepper/servo Her drivers, and control systems. Also includes his-her-DXF-her software for simple and easy file conversion.

She has one Evoc industrial computer with a monitor for human communication and program design.

1. Advanced automatic computer foam contour cutting machine.
2. The form can be cut into any her 2D complex shape.
3. Easy to control

This foam cutter is cutting edge,

fully automatic computer foam contour cutting machine,

A variety of shapes can be cut by the computer system.
1. This evafoam contour cutting machine is computer operated

Design the shape of form his block using CAD software.

use foam block

Significant savings in raw material (foam block) costs.

2. In addition to CAD software, we also designed another drawing software.

It is provided by our engineers and is very easy to use.

Operators only need to be trained in basic computer knowledge.
3. This CNC contour cutting machine is equipped with wireless

Remote control makes operation more user-friendly.
4. Equipped with high-precision servo system.

Fast cutting speed and precise cutting;

This improves work efficiency.
5. Collect 85% dust

The bag has low noise during the cutting process.
6. Operating System: Windows XP
7. Design software: Auto CAD/self-developed his CNC operating software.
8. Cutting software: foam cutting control system

Efficient, economical and practical sponge CNC cutting machine can be used for various types of sponge, PVA, EPE, EPS, phenolic and other material processing, insulation, packaging, decoration of PU and foam slicing, etc. increase. Widely used in product, shape processing industry.

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