DTC-F1212 2012 Horizontal Fast Wire Cutter

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It is an advanced fully automatic computerized foam contour cutting machine. Foam can be cut into any two-dimensional complex shape. Easy to control.

This foam cutting machine is the most advanced fully automatic computer foam contour cutting machine, which can cut various shapes by computer system.

The EVA foam contour cutter is computer operated and uses CAD software to design the shape of the foam block. Make full use of the foam block, greatly save the cost of raw materials (foam block).

Besides CAD software, we have also designed another drafting software designed by our engineers, which is very easy to use. Operators only need to receive simple computer knowledge training. This CNC contour cutting machine is equipped with a wireless remote control, which makes the operation more user-friendly and convenient. Equipped with high-precision servo system; fast cutting speed and accurate cutting; thus improving work efficiency. 85% of the dust is collected in the bag during cutting with low noise. Operating system: Windows XP Design software: Auto CAD/self-developed CNC operating software. Cutting software: foam cutting control system

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Technical Data

Type DTC-F1212k DTC-F2012K
Max. Product Size 2500*1200*1000(mm) 2500*2000*1200(mm)
Cutting Line 1.3~1.5mm 1.3~1.5mm
Control System Industrial Computer Industrial  Computer
Software D&T Profiler D&T Profiler
Cutting Speed 0~10m/min 0~10m/min
Precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Power <5.5kw <6.5kw
Vacuum De-dust Included Included
Overall Weight 1200kg 1500kg
Overall Dimension 4800*2400*2380mm   4800*3200*2800mm


Our Services

1. Our engineers can go abroad to coordinate installation, commissioning and training.
Airfare and suitable accommodation plus USD 60 per person per day.
Additional charges.

2. Free maintenance for life.

3. Our factory provides free training courses.

4. 24 hours online service, free technical support.

5. The machine has been adjusted and tested before leaving the factory.


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are a manufacturer and have been producing foam machines since 2006.

2. Q: What drawing software do you use?
Answer: Automatic CAD.

3. Q: Can your engineer come to our factory to install the machine?
A: Yes, of course.

4. Q: Can I import DXF files from other sources?
Answer: Yes. Any DXF file is acceptable.

5. Q: Another express machine has a dust filter. Does this machine also have a vacuum function?
A: Yes, it is included.

6. Q: Which countries do you sell to?
A: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Qatar, Algeria, etc.

7. Q: What security controls are on the machine?
A: There are emergency stop devices on the control box and the machine to prevent unexpected shutdown.

There are two fences around the cutting frame and the machine will stop when you open the fences.

Company Information

Fuyang D&T Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of CNC foam cutting machines, polyurethane cutting machines, 3D panel machines, concrete spraying machines and foam related auxiliary equipment. After research by our engineers, our cutting machines are compatible.
Popularize CAD to realize automation, high efficiency, high precision and easy operation. We always put our customers first and serve you wholeheartedly. We sincerely look forward to developing economic and trade cooperation with you.
Products: fast wire cutting machine, pu cutting machine, hot wire cutting machine, eps
Cutting machine, 3D panel production line, concrete spraying machine, etc.

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